Why It Is Important for Productions to Have a Physical Therapist

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Why would performers need a physical therapist?

The first question I get asked when I tell someone I work with Broadway and concert productions is: Why would performers need a physical therapist? 

The answer is quite simple. Repetition. The performers on a Broadway stage make it look easy because they are the best in their field.  When we go to a performance, we are only seeing 1/8th of their workweek. They are performing the same show 8 times a week and that’s not including rehearsals or taking dance classes.

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7 Common Dance Injuries (and How to Prevent Them)

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Dance requires incredible strength, stamina, and flexibility. Broadway and touring performing artists dance an average of eight shows a week. Add to that, the countless hours in rehearsals. Their exertion level rivals, if not exceeds, that of professional athletes! Therefore, it’s not uncommon for dancers to experience pain.

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4 Ways to Self-Treat Your Toughest Trigger Points

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Treating and releasing hyperirritable areas of the myofascia is important to reset muscle fibers into a more efficient state and prevent future injuries. The techniques highlighted below will help you mobilize muscular soft tissue and relieve trigger points found all throughout the body, even in areas you did not know existed!

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